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Sick Ass Tattoos

If you are one of the tattoo lovers and you want to get more tattoos on your body and you try to look for sick ass tattoos, perhaps tattoos worn by celebrities in their movies can help you a little even though you may not know whether the tattoos are real or not but today, you can get more inspirations for your new tattoos. Fox’s Multiple tattoos in Wanted movie starred by Angelina Jolie may also be inspiring for you. This is the fact that thirteen real tattoos are owned by Angeline Jolie here but it is stated that she is not even close to as tatted-up as her character Fox in Wanted.

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Sick Ass Tattoos Ideas

Some of her sick ass tattoos need to be exposed for the movie but as can be seen that the additional several faux ones are there and it is not often that women are referred to as bad ass but Fox here is dangerous and sexy character so this may be accepted. Besides, Fox in Wanted, you may also have already watched Get Carter and you have also known Jack Carter’s Mancats tattoos that need to be pulled off and some seriously steroid-inflated guns must also be owned by you. The bad ass or sick ass look is accepted well by Stallone but if you are not sure with the tattoo, this should not be inked to your body.

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Best Sick Ass Tattoos

You may also have already watched Doomsday and there is one character, Viper, who wears many sick ass tattoos on her face and even her tongue and for some people, Viper here is considered as the mostly-disappointing Doomsday. You know what? The tattoos worn by her in this movie are very artistic and the tattoos are not just for show in fact when a guy will be set on fire and he will be eaten. The tattoos are just perfect for her and support her character there.

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Good Sick Ass Tattoos

Or else, the movie entitled Eastern Promises where there is a character namely Nikolai Luzhin also has tattoos which are called as prison tattoos and these are also included in the sick ass tattoos. Here, street cred with the Russian Mafia are given to him by the symbolic prison tattoos. The fact that he will never kneel before any man is also symbolized by the tattoos worn by him in this movie and the tattoos are also not bad if you have watched them carefully.

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Popular Sick Ass Tattoos

Red Dragon movie can also be watched if you want to get more inspiration like Francis Dolarhyde’s dragon tattoos which is always considered as one of the best bad ass tattoos and if you want, this can be made as your reference. Or, Romper Stomper where Hando’s skeleton-bone arm tattoos can also be followed by you. If you are blessed with the manly and good body, this tattoo may be the most suitable tattoo that can be tried.

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Beautiful Sick Ass Tattoos

Those are just some sick ass tattoos that can be found in some movies that may also have been watched by you. Actually, whatever the designs of the tattoos, making sure that the tattoo artist that will handle you is the professional one is also important. Now, get some ideas and start to get tattooed!

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Simple Sick Ass Tattoos

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