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Chris Carpenter Tattoo – A Family Man

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Tattoos and athletes are no longer contradicting to each other. Tattoo has become a part of everyone’s life regardless to what they do or their social background. These days, tattoo does not belong to a certain group of people anymore. Many of us see the act of inking our body parts with many different tattoo designs as a very universal way of self expression. Tattoo industry is rapidly growing in many countries on the planet. From Asian countries to Europe or African nations to the United States of America, everyone seems to prefer this permanent way of self expression. We have to admit that the popularity of tattoo was brought up by many rock band members with hardcore genre. Today, even a mother in our neighborhood finds this body art as a hobby as well as a great way to show her dedication and love towards her family. The same thing happens to the people in sports industry. You can see a lot of famous athletes from many kinds of sports proudly show their body parts which are well covered by some tattoos. This country is home to many different kinds of sports like basketball, soccer or even softball. The latest one is very popular in the United States. Some of the most popular athletes in softball like Chris Carpenter is recently spotted to use some tattoos on his body parts. Nowadays, many athletes consider to ink their body parts with tattoo designs for various reasons. Some of them believe that some tattoos can bring them good luck. Some other athletes see this permanent body art as a cool way to express their honor to their family.

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Inking our body with tattoo designs permanently is no longer a bad thing. Many people like Chris Carpenter of St Louis Cardinals has clearly showed that good things can come from the act of tattooing. Chris Carpenter has a number of tattoos on his body parts. One of them is spotted on his finger. The small tattoo features the letter A and C with a number of dots. He stated that the tattoo on his finger is to signify his lovely children. In other words, he feels the significance of his children so greatly that he was willingly to endure the paint for this cute tattoo. Despite the fact the size of the tattoo is pretty small, there was a tremendous amount of pain he had to endure since the placement of this tattoo is on his finger.

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Chris Carpenter is also spotted to have some other tattoo designs on his left arm. Again, it would be the tattoo that reflects a great dedication of Chris Carpenter to his family. If you have a closer look at this tattoo design, you will find four different images that represent four different zodiac signs. Chris Carpenter’s daughter turns out to be born under Leo zodiac sign, that explains the image of a lion in his tattoo. His son’s zodiac sign, which is Sagittarius, is represented by an image of an arch. Chris Carpenter also includes an image of a crab in his tattoo design which is dedicated for his beautiful wife. She was born under Cancer sun sign. Chris Carpenter also put the image of bull for himself.

CHRIS CARPENTER TATTOOS, carpentry tattoos, chris carpenter tattoo
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CHRIS CARPENTER TATTOOS, carpentry tattoos, chris carpenter tattoo

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